The five-reel Forsaken Kingdom slot from developer Rabcat is themed around the legend of King Arthur and Camelot. This is a popular slot theme, but most of its rivals present a sunny, jousting-and-minstrels version of Camelot. Forsaken Kingdom subtitled The Path of Valor, takes a different approach, although its four bonus features still offer happy rewards.

Forsaken Kingdom is set in a grittier Camelot, the kind found in a graphic novel or a computer role-playing game. Grey skies and gloomy castles dominate the artwork, accompanied by portentous orchestral music. Alongside the reels, Arthur stands within the castle walls before the sword Excalibur, trapped in the stone. He’s not the luxuriously clad sage of children’s tales and musicals; he’s an exhausted Dark Ages warrior king in armour, trying to build an army of honour-bound knights against brutal invaders.

Portentous Theme Carried into Game Play

The photo-realistic artwork in Forsaken Kingdom adds to its ominous theme. The drab grey-and-brown colour palette is maintained in the game icons, shading to silver and gold on occasion. The only flash of colour is Arthur’s queen, Guinevere, the game’s expanding Wild symbol, who covers the whole reel when she appears, to create more potential winning pay lines by substituting for any ordinary symbols. She is depicted as a curvy beauty in an eye-catching red dress.

Forsaken Kingdom uses only eight ordinary symbols, which makes it slightly easier for a player to score matches on the 20 pay lines than it is in games using 10 icons or more at any Canadian mobile casino. Four low-value poker symbols, the 10, J, Q and K, are depicted in exquisitely illuminated manuscript style, albeit with the standard monochromatic colours. These all win prizes for two or more matches, rising to 100 credits for five Ks.

Camelot Standards Complete Icon Set

Apart from Guinevere, base play in Forsaken Kingdom uses four other icons from the Camelot tale. They all require three, four or five matches to win prizes, starting with the symbol depicting the castle, which can win 10, 50 or 250 credits. The Black Knight, presumably Sir Lancelot, wins prizes of 15, 100 or 500 credits.

King Arthur, as yet uncrowned, appears in his own icon, worth 25, 200 or 1,000 credits. The Sword in the Stone can win 200, 2,000 or 20,000 credits. Forsaken Kingdom also has a shield Scatter icon, and three or more appearing on a spin triggers a round of 5 to 12 free spins. Arthur dramatically pulls the sword from the stone, and the free spins are played on a new screen inside a Camelot chapel.

Three Other Bonus Features

Apart from free spins, Forsaken Kingdom offers three more bonus rounds. Every time two or more Scatters come up on a spin, a new knight is added to the round table below the reels. When all 12 knights have been collected, it triggers a Round Table of Fortune Bonus. The screen changes to the round table in the throne room, which spins like a Wheel of Fortune to select a multiplier from the 12 options. This multiplier is then applied to the player’s average total bets while collecting the knights.

The Epic Battle Bonus, available during free spins, scores an immediate win of 3X the total bet, and the Eternal Love Bonus, available anytime, wins a 5X multiplier. Each is triggered by either the Black Knight or Guinevere appearing alongside Arthur on the top row of the reels.